Castle toys australia Who We Are

Castle Toys produce wooden models that are built and assembled at home.

We manufacture all our own products here at our studio located in Australia.

Designed to be easy to assemble and self-supporting without glue or instruments they can be assembled right at home.

Starting in 2010, using MDF board for wall art in schools in Western NSW there were a few designs which were on display and produced for friends, family and the odd request from the community. Building artwork using 3D modeling soon became important to designing kinetic artwork.

We use computer modelling and then cut templates by hand, sourcing the safest and most reliable MDF wood used in construction.

You can find unique models designed by us and some under license from publishers who make wooden toys and puzzles sourced from designers around the world.


What you will get

All of our products are locally made in our studio and contain the following:

Complete kit ready for assembly – we will ensure that your product has all the parts needed for use prior to dispatch.

Assembly guide booklet – we produce a printed booklet for each model kit that contains enough information to assemble

Interlockable Designs

Each design is made to lock together without glue or tools to hold it together

Assembly Guides

Every product has its own step by step booklet for assembly

Easy to Customise

You can paint, colour and craft each model to your individual taste

Replaceable Parts

Parts can be easy remade and replaced by contacting us about your product


Here are some frequently asked questions.

How difficult are the models to build?

Each design has its own level of difficulty so we try and give as much guide as possible however children will always benefit from adult assistance.

Would my model need to be glued?

We try to make our designs self supporting and easy to build on their own however this is not always possible. Sometimes glue may be required.

It would be helpful to glue models if you intend to use them over time

What happens if i damage my model?

If you are finding it hard to put a model together and break pieces along the way we would be happy to assist you. We can remake pieces and kits when needed.

An additional cost may be required.

Is it safe to swallow pieces?

Small pieces may be a choking hazard to children and there are many products that have small parts. We use the safest MDF possible manufactured in Australia so that they are chemically safe in case of emergencies.

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